Brendan Leung presented a poser named "Design of a W-Band Corrugated Waveguide for Structure Wakefield Acceleration"

Dillon Merenich presented a talk named "Design and Fabrication of a Metamaterial Wakefield Accelerating Structure"

A poster presentation can be found here:

A short talk can be found here:

Xueying Lu co-instructed Fundamentals of Accelerator Physics and Technology.

Brendan Leung and Dillon Merenich both received scholarship to attend the session.

F.  Lemery, et al., "Drive beam sources and longitudinal shaping techniques",  JINST 17, P05036 (2022).

The presentation can be viewed here:

J. Picard, et al., "Generation of 565 MW of X -band power using a metamaterial power extractor for structure-based wakefield acceleration",  Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams 25, 051301 (2022)

White papers  have been submitted to the Accelerator Frontier (

Please find details here:

X. Lu, et al., "Advanced RF Structures for Wakefield Acceleration and High-Gradient Research"

C. Jing, et al., "Continuous and Coordinated Efforts of Structure Wakefield Acceleration (SWFA) Development for an Energy 

Frontier Machine"

M. Bai, et al., "Strategies in Education, Outreach, and Inclusion to Enhance the US Workforce in Accelerator Science and Engineering"

C. Benedetti, et al., "Advanced accelerator linear collider demonstration facility at intermediate energy"

Michael Shapiro et al., "Experimental Hot Test of Beam/Wave Interactions with Metamaterial Slow Wave Structures", in 

"High Power Microwave Sources and Technologies Using Metamaterials", IEEE, 2022 

Find the news headline here: (Sep 13, 2021)

See media reports here:

"NIU physicist receives DOE Early Career Research Award" 

(NIU Newsroom and DOE University Research Highlight) 

"DOE names six Argonne scientists to receive Early Career Research Program awards" 

Xueying Lu, et al.  “A proton beam energy Modulator for rapid proton therapy”, RSI 92, 024705 (2021).